Feds investigate GUPS at UC Santa Cruz.

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The infamous "baby meat" flyer posted all over SFSU by the Palestinian students.

The general union of palestinian students have existed at SFSU for years. There is a sister group at UC Santa Cruz that is currently under investigation by federal authorities for being what they are; openly racist and anti-semetic. They harass and berate jewish students every chance they get. It's nice to hear that someone is standing up to their harassment of jewish students.

You can read the full article here.

The palestinian students want it both ways, no pro-Israel speech on campus because to them that viewpoint is "racist." Meanwhile, they want to hold rallies with radical speakers that claim Israel is worse than Nazi Germany and the actions of Israel amount to outright genocide.

The important distinction to make is the difference between free speech and harassment. Rushing a stage and shouting down an opposing speaker is not "free speech." In fact, by preventing someone else from speaking, you are violating their civil rights. Each group should be allowed to hold events and say whatever they want without the opposition shutting down the event. Counter-protests are fine, but not when their goal is to prevent the other side from speaking.

The GUPS want "free speech for me, but not for thee."

Don't call it a comeback...

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One of our fantastic academics here at SFSU.

After many moons of inactivity the time has come for the College Republicans at SFSU to rise again. Or, as our leftist friends would call it, "The Empire Strikes Back." If you've followed the College Republicans at SFSU over the years then you know there is no shortage of liberals that require our special kind of attention here on campus and around the state. From professors to assemblyman to campus leftists...and even Sean Penn, none can escape our brand of in-your-face activism.

Review this blog for a crash course in our club's history over the last few years.

Interested? Contact us at gatorgop@gmail.com

We're building towards the fall semester but would like to hold some organizational meetings this semester.

And remember, like Malcom X once said, "The white man is the common enemy."

< /sarcasm >

San Franciscans Arrested In Response To CA Supreme Court Decision

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This Tuesday (5/26/09), the California Supreme Court ruled to uphold Proposition 8, the same-sex marriage ban. As a response, San Franciscans gathered outside of City Hall block Van Ness & Grove (a major intersection) to express their discontent. After an hour and a half, the police begin making arrests to disperse the illegal gathering. GatorGOP took to the streets, cameras in hand, to cover the demonstration.

Students compare closure of campus restaurant to "lynching."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 · 1 comments

File this under the "wtf are they thinking" category. From what we can gather one of the many campus restaurants on campus is unable to pay their rent. As a result the school has given them a 3 day notice to vacate. Rather than find a way to pay the rent, they instead decided to cry racism, (there's a shocker). They've gone so far as to compare the school's closure of the restaurant to a lynching. A lynching is a horrific and historical racist act committed by disgusting human beings against innocent people. It's not something that should be taken lightly and conjures up memories of some of the worst incidences of hatred ever perpetrated in this country. And yet, this student thinks it's appropriate to appeal to those emotions in order to save a campus restaurant. UNBELIEVABLE.

Click here to read the full facebook note

LIVE VIDEO: CCR convention video feed.

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Free video chat by Ustream

The Life and Times of College Republicans in San Francisco...

Monday, March 30, 2009 · 1 comments

Fellow College Republicans, It's time to tell your story. Post on your blog and twitter the story of your campus. What groups are there? Which lefty group is the craziest? Please let us know about the radicals at your school! Feel free to include a fun story about their shenanigans.

The left-wing/radical movement at SFSU:

Students Against War

Description: A bunch of rich white kids from Orange County who have been convinced their parents wealth was ill-gotten. As a result they spend their time standing up to evil capitalist. Somehow wearing nike shoes and working at Starbucks is part of the lifestyle.

Craziest thing they've ever done:
They got together a mob of 500 students to try and kick military recruiters off the SFSU campus. The College Republicans stood behind the recruiters in support of their prescence on campus:


International Socialist Organization
The ISO is really an umbrella organization for groups like Students against war. They figured out that they could get twice as much money from the school by starting two organizations and changing the names of the officers. By and large membership is the same in both organizations.

Craziest thing they've ever done:
Regularly participating in anti-america, anti-israel protests. Including calling America a "terrorist state" and pushing for a violent revolution.


Friends of the Spartacus Youth Club
Description: A small group of open and enthusiastic communist students. They make no effort what-so-ever to conceal their love for communism. On some level we respect that more than those that hide their true radical intentions.

Craziest thing they've ever done:
Regularly posting the most insane signs on their table, such as this one:

World Can't Wait
Description: An absolutely abhorrent communist organization that makes no qualms about hating America. They were founded by Bob Avakian, who also founded the Revolutionary Communist Party of America.

Craziest thing they've ever done:
They showed up to the SFSU 9/11 memorial in orange jump suits. Then they spray painted a swastika on an America flag before standing on it. This all took place no more than 5 feet from the names of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. They finished off the douchebaggery by offering up non-stop hitler salutes and cries of fascism throughout the event.


General Union of Palestinian Students

Description: A group of students who are either from Palestine or have close ties to Palestine. Some are muslim, some are christian some are non religious. They pride themselves on high-jacking every other left wing rally or event on campus by showing up with palestinian flag and demanding to speak about their plight. What's scary is how anti-semetic and anti-zionist they are.

Craziest thing they've ever done:
In 2004, they stirred up a mob to go after the College Republicans after Bush won re-election. 25 police made a ring around the CRs table to protect them from the troublemakers. They day before and the day after the election hundreds of pissed off students took out their rage on the College Republicans. The whole thing was lead by the General Union of Palestinian Students.


La Raza (The Race)/ MeCha
These are two groups with very different goals. La Raza euphemistically brands their racism as a "cultural identity." In reality they just plain don't like gringos. MeCha also hates the gringo. MeCha, however, claims that large parts of the southwest United States are the rightful property of Mexico and should be re-assimilated into the land area of Mexico. Naturally they support open borders, amnesty and anything else that destroys American sovereignty.

Craziest thing they've ever done:
Just watch the videos:


Student Unity and Power
Description: This is a relatively new group. They were formed to "build a militant opposition" to the recent fee increases throughout the CSU system. It became very clear, very fast that they're anything but militant.

Craziest thing they've ever done:
During their first protest they did the same thing every other leftist group on campus does, they blocked 19th Avenue/Highway 1 until word came down that the riot police were on their way to arrest them. Once they were facing time in the big house they left in the blink of an eye. I guess they don't want mommy and daddy back in Orange county to cut off the gravy train. The police guided them off onto a side street where they couldn't bother anyone anymore.


Muslim Student Association

Pretty straight forward. It's the Muslim group on campus.

Craziest thing they've ever done:
Apparently having NO concept what-so-ever about the first amendment, they filed a formal complaint against the College Republicans after the CRs use a Hamas flag as a door mat during an anti-terrorism rally. They called the action by the CRs "hate speech" and "racism." The MSA joined several other groups in an attempt to have the CRs charter revoked and the club kicked off campus. The school cooperation with the unconstitutional investigation lead to a federal lawsuit being levied against the school by the CRs. The shool lost big time and had to change the speech and conduct codes for the entire CSU and UC systems.

This is a video from a more recent run in between the CRs and the MSA.

Other leftist groups:
Feminism in action
Student for Social Change
League of filipino students

Cal GOP Under Pressure


Under pressure of the people, California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring recently announced that the executive committee will convene in a special session in Sacramento to discuss party positions on measures appearing on the May 19th special election ballot. Over the past few weeks Nehring's office has been flooded with angry emails, letters and phone calls concerning the CRPs financial support of Prop 1A. Being a massive tax increase in disguise California republicans are furious with their so called "republican" governor supporting such a devious proposition, and have been sending powerful messages to governor Schwarzenegger to show it. Now they are hoping to turn the tides from within the CRP before the party loses the support of the republican people.

Help send the message to the California Republican Party by emailing Ron Nehring about reversing the CRP position on Prop 1A at the April 18th executive committee meeting.


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